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tiny_mce 5series

Modul tiny_mce 5series
Author LEPTON team
Type wysiwyg
State Stable
License LGPL
GUID 0ad7e8dd-2f6b-4525-b4bf-db326b0f5ae8
Platform LEPTON V
Last info 2022-05-12
Forum http://forum.lepton-cms.org
Web Link https://www.tiny.cloud/docs/changelog/#5103-2022-02-09
See also tiny_mce 3series, tiny_mce 4series, tinymce_cloud
Requires LEPTON 5.x
Download tinymce-
Description TinyMCE with Responsive File Manager and image editor allows you to edit the content of a page and see media image folder.To link your template css file to the styles in tinymce you need to edit the include.php file inside this module.

TinyMCE 5series is NOT longer part of the standard LEPTON package.

Info Please note: TINYMCE is distibuted under the (LGPL) License