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Modul LEPTON Bootstrap
Author Martin Freudenreich
Type BE-Theme
Version 1.0.1
State Beta
License GPL
GUID 45CFD568-2231-45A0-A0FA-0CE492DF4375
Platform LEPTON 2.x
Last info 2014-12-01
Web Link https://github.com/mr-fan/lepton-bootstrap
Download lepton_bootstrap.zip
Description BE-Theme using Bootstrap
Info Special Features (until now)

Get ripped of the most layout tables
Using CSS Framework from Twitter Bootstrap http://getbootstrap.com
Using iconfont http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome for UI
Special admintoolicons possible to setup via the theme.css (look at the CSS file https://github.com/mr-fan/lepton-bootstrap/blob/master/css/theme.css)
Using modals, tooltips, popovers and some other jquery stuff for easy additional content like helpmodal for editors
codecleaning and first HTML5/CSS3 Admintheme (not finished yet)
Change fast the complete look and feel with som of patterns from http://www.subtlepatterns.com (look at the login.css file https://github.com/mr-fan/lepton-bootstrap/blob/master/css/login.css)
Automatic added Button CSS classes to input[type=submit] and input[type=reset] so all look the same way - Admintools and Wysiwygsections Save and Resets, too.
little jQuery eqal high script added for some needed cases

Not for productive use!!

Initial Testversion to see if it's posible to use twitter bootstrap framework for the Lepton Backend Theme.