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Modul Bookmarks
Author Ryan Djurovich, Bennie Wijs, Woudloper, Matthias Gallas, Niclas Brorsson, Dietrich Roland Pehlke (last)
Type page
Version 3.0.0
State RC
License GNU General Public License
GUID C3C5DBA3-FD3B-473C-BDDB-5B993B3648D7
Platform LEPTON 2.x
Last info 2015-06-09
Web Link https://github.com/aldus/bookmarks
Requires LEPTON 2.0
Download bookmarks_3.0.0.3.zip
Description This page type is designed for making a bookmarks page, with a list of links and sorting them by name or place in list.
Info # 3.0.0 (aldus, may 2015)
- LEPTON-CMS 2.0.0
- Prepare for GitHub (add ReadMe and Changelog)
- Add frontend template (lte)
- Massiv codechanges.
- Interface - remove unused elements and add js-text (delete-message).
- Bugfix for correct loading of custom.css of TinyMCE (e.g. for pagelink and droplet plugin-icons.