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Modul section_select
Author Wolfgang Studer
Type page
Version 1.04
State Stable
License GPL
GUID 876e64a1-5e1d-462e-aa3a-043552be1b84
Platform LEPTON 2.x
Last info 2016-12-17
Forum http://forum.lepton-cms.org/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=3059
See also lib_setuphelper
Requires LEPTON 2.3, lib_setuphelper
Download section_select-V1.05.000.zip
Description This module is a fork of section_picker, but enhanced and modernized.
Target is to show the content of another section on current page.

Sections are not listed in one huge list together with pages (which makes it hard to search on biggersites) but in splitted dropdown list for pages and sections.
Also you can define conditions, under which the content is shown, e.g. show it only in December ...
With other additional fields like allowing to disable the section in one click, adding internal notes as well as support of the headers.inc file of refereing section module, respecting start & end validation date of referering section and checking the visibility settings of refering section page, this module completes the idea of section_picker.
Info You can not select sections using module "section_select" or "section_picker" in order to avoid endless loops.

There are just 2 conditions delivered as default with this module at the moment. You can easily enhance the conditions in backend template without needs of changing the module and risk that your changes going lost with next update.