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environment info

Modul Environment Info
Author Wolfgang Studer
Type admin tool
Version 1.1.2
State RC
License BSD License
GUID 9AB413E4-5E5C-4A1A-B7AE-58B5018EDC4E
Platform LEPTON 1.x/2.x hybrid
Last info 2015-06-09
Forum http://forum.lepton-cms.org/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=2540
Requires Lepton-CMS 1.3.x
Download EnvironmentInfo_v1.1.2.zip
Description This module shows various environment information.

All the informations are build as "addon"s, so it is easy to enhance it wth additional information when needed.
So far, following addon's are available:
- phpinfo (all as well as each possible part individually)
- phpversion
- all php constants (Lepton CMS relevant first)
- installed CMS modules
- DB connection details
- MySQL variables
Info 1.1.2 - Nov 26, 2014 - Changes
- TOOL: show header & footer around generated output only when data to be displayed has been found; redesign "Nodata found"
- outRAW_ARRAY: rename dropdown entry to SIMPLE TEXT" and allow output of text instead of unformatted print_r additionally.
- infoCMS_MODULE: variable issue bugfix
- outRAW_ARRAY, outPRINT_ARRAY, outTEXT_TREE: wrap output in a scrollable div, so it does not go ouside layout borders
- infoSECTION_PICKER: add logic so it should work in WebsiteBaker too.
- backend.css: add some new classes to support above changes
environment info