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Modul Comments
Author Karl Pierce
Type page
Version 0.2.0
State Stable
License Creative Commons - attribution must be kept in place
GUID 16f5a7cc-7ef6-11e5-8bcf-feff819cdc9f
Platform LEPTON 3.x
Last info 2018-03-19
Web Link https://www.diamond-visions-sarl.com/page/services/lepton-cms-add-ons/comments.php?utm_source=Lepton&utm_medium=addon-repository&utm_campaign=comments
Download comments_v0.2.zip
Description This simple comment module lets you add comments to a page.

If the user is not logged in they are redirected to a login page before they can post a comment.

An email is sent to the user if someone replies to a comment.

Users can up vote comments they like.

All comment functions are implemented with AJAX.

It is based on jquery-comments by Viima.

Tested on Lepton 3.0.2