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Calendar Sync

Modul Calendar Sync
Author Karl Pierce
Type page
Version 0.2
State Stable
License GPL
GUID 94b97e9c-14c7-4832-a5a8-04e0e0b1bc6e
Platform LEPTON 3.x
Last info 2018-03-19
Web Link https://www.diamond-visions-sarl.com/page/services/lepton-cms-add-ons/calendar-sync.php?utm_source=Lepton&utm_medium=addon-repository&utm_campaign=cal_sync
Download cal_sync_v0.2.zip
Description Calendar Sync is an event calendar for your Lepton Website. It features:
*Down-loadable .ics file for syncing your digital calendar.
*Auto generation of Google map to show the address(requires input of Google Maps api key)
*If logged in it keeps track of if the user has downloaded the file. This is reset if the event is updated.
*Droplet to allow you to easily add a button for downloading the ics file for an event o
an any page.
*if you are the adminstrator of the site you get edit buttons on the front-end. TODO: Change to editor of the page.
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