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Modul members
Author Chio Maisriml
Type page
Version 1.0.1
State Stable
License GPL
GUID 6aa3d40a-e7b3-4e4f-90cc-3c3bbc92a37d
Platform LEPTON IV
Last info 2019-11-15
Forum http://forum.lepton-cms.org
Requires needs L*4
Download members-1.0.1.zip
Description "Members" is a very flexible module for managing and sorting persons, things, items. "Members" can be used for rankings, part lists, portfolios, menu cards (for restaurants), playlists, lists of participants and many more. You can also use Members for special kinds of menus, for example with pictures or gallery-overviews.
A member can have aliases (proxies) and thereby be in more groups - also on different pages. A member can also be moved from one section to another.
"Members" can be configured in many different ways. An administrator can set a lot of own adjustments and build a kind of own module.