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Modul Simplepagehead
Author Chio Maisriml and others
Type snippet
Version 1.1.0
State Stable
License GNU/GPL
GUID 765F1C98-C989-46B7-B695-8AB05E811E73
Platform LEPTON VI
Last info 2023-03-24
Forum http://forum.lepton-cms.org
Requires LEPTON 6.x
Download simplepagehead-1.1.0.zip
Description The snippet fixes one problem: all pages created by a module (e.g. news, bakery, image gallery) have the same title and meta description; something that google doesn't like.

Put this php call in the head section of our template, directly below the html tag:

<?php simplepagehead(); ?>

Info Please read the included readme file for additional information